5 vitamins that belong in your skin care products

5 vitamins that belong in your skin care products

From vitamin A to vitamin E, here’s what each of those little letters does for your skin.

We all know the benefits of taking vitamins with breakfast, but what about skin care that’s formulated with the good stuff? Vitamin-infused skin care is a great way to look after your skin and help maintain its health and vitality.

It can be confusing trying to figure out which vitamins are best for your skin, especially when you're trying to pin down a skin care routine for yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about which vitamins can help you and your skin mature confidently.

Vitamin A

If you’re familiar with vitamin-infused skin care, you probably already know that vitamin A in its purest form is the holy grail of skin care ingredients.

Also known as retinol, the wonders of vitamin A are well-documented. It can help speed up cell turnover, increase the production of collagen, and boost new blood vessel production to give your skin a healthy-looking glow.

It can also help reduce pigmentation, pore size, fine lines and acne scarring. In other words, it’s a multitasking skin care wizard that can teach tired, damaged skin cells to behave like stronger and healthier versions of themselves.

Use vitamin A-enriched skin care if…

You skin care goals are to age gracefully, and you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Vitamin A is also great for fading acne-related scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin A is very sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation so it’s best to slowly incorporate Vitamin A products into your skin care routine. Aim for once or twice a week before bed. Always do a patch test behind your ear or on your arm to monitor your skin’s reaction before applying it to your face.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B isn’t just a regular vitamin, it’s a complex vitamin! There are eight different types of B vitamins – all of which have different skin care benefits.

Vitamin B3 is one of the top forms of the B vitamins for skin care. Generally found in serum form, vitamin B3 is also known as niacinamide. It’s a powerhouse at hydrating skin, reducing inflammation, regulating oil and increasing radiance. It even boosts your skin’s collagen production and can be used both day and night.

In addition to its turbo-charged brightening benefits, products containing B3 can make your skin less prone to blocked pores or breakouts, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Use vitamin B-enriched skin care if…

You want to rebalance and decongest your skin, hydrate and nourish it, or simply give it a healthy-looking glow. No matter where you’re at in the ageing process, B3-enriched skin care is a great daily addition to your regular skin care routine.

Like vitamin A, it can help skin behave like its best self. Always use with care and always allow vitamin B products to fully absorb before layering on moisturizer and sunscreen.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as one of the most powerful brightening agents in the skin care industry. It’s like a big glass of fresh orange juice for your skin, delivering a supercharged boost of freshness and radiance.

It can help fade fine lines, age spots and dark under-eye circles as well as restore smoothness and even skin tone. Vitamin C gives skin an instant reboot and will leave your complexion glowing with consistent use.

Skin care formulated with vitamin C is an ideal choice for those in their 20s and 30s who are looking to nip skin care woes and sun damage in the bud early.

Use vitamin C-enriched skin care if…

You’re looking for daily products that contain one of the most powerful antioxidants around. Vitamin C-enriched products are particularly well-suited to those just beginning to explore vitamin-infused skin care, but they’re a great choice for any skin type and age.

As with all ‘active’ ingredients, a less-is-more approach is essential when incorporating vitamin C into your skin care routine. Apply vitamin C products underneath your sunscreen (not on top of it!) and use consistently for optimal results.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perfect for skin that is crying out for softening and smoothing moisturization. It’s a naturally occurring antioxidant that protects skin against free radicals – unstable molecules in the environment that can wreak havoc on your skin and weaken its elasticity.

Think of it as the unsung hero of skin care. Because vitamin E is a major antioxidant, it actively works to protect you from those nasty free radicals and helps prevent dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It’s also extremely moisturizing, keeping your skin hydrated and firm, and has a powerful ability to fight the appearance of sun damage.

Use vitamin E-enriched skin care if…

Your skin is on the dry side or needs a little extra TLC. Vitamin E has many moisturizing and healing benefits, however, it’s best to note that it’s not for everyone. People with very oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin may find it triggers a breakout or a sensitized reaction.

If you’re new to using vitamin E, perform a patch test before applying it to your face. If you experience any kind of irritation or redness, vitamin E-infused skin care may not be right for you. If your skin doesn’t react, you can safely go ahead and use it once a day, preferably at night.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is short for fat. In terms of skin care, it describes the combination of two different types of essential fatty acids: linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Both of these essential fatty acids make up the protective barrier of your skin. They’re classified as ‘essential’ because our bodies cannot produce them on their own – we have to get them through our diets or topical application.

Vitamin F helps to lock moisture deep into the skin, keep environmental toxins out, and heal existing damage. It can help prevent dryness, rough texture and inflammation.

It’s even been shown to assist with skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema.

Use vitamin F-enriched skin care if…

You’ve noticed your skin isn’t as plump and glowing as it used to be. It could be dry, rough or cracked because you aren’t getting enough fats. Using vitamin F skin care products is a great way to feed your skin with what it needs to change itself from the inside out.

All skin types can benefit from vitamin F-enriched products, but they are particularly effective for more mature skin types as vitamin F supports the protective moisture barrier. This naturally breaks down as we get older and can result in premature lines and wrinkles.

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