Sister act: Q&A with Hadley & Peyton

Sister act: Q&A with Hadley & Peyton

Hadley and Peyton Bell on skin care, self love and running the family business 

Hadley and Peyton Bell are sisters just two years apart in age who are continuing the proud family tradition of creating great skin care products – without the hefty price tag.

Did you know Formula 10.0.6 was first created way back in 1933? It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been making and selling simple, effective skin care for 87 years! A lot has changed in that time but here’s one thing that hasn’t – we’re still a family-run business.

Sisters Hadley and Peyton are the latest in the Bell family to step up and proudly continue their great-grandfather, grandfather and father’s vision. They’re bringing the best Formula 10.0.6 products to a new generation of skin care lovers and creating new, botanically-driven, environmentally responsible and cruelty-free formulations. Here’s a sneaky peek inside their skin care routines – and how they feel about working together as sisters.

What’s your first memory of experimenting with skin care products? What did your parents and grandparents teach you about taking care of your skin?

P: When we were growing up, our family owned two other brands, Bonne Bell Cosmetics and Lip Smackers, so we spent our days in the office with our parents testing flavors and starring in ads for both brands! It was a lot of fun. Our family has always owned Formula 10.0.6 so the scent of So Totally Clean is programmed deep into my memory. Our dad used it every day, the bathrooms at our grandparents’ house were permanently stocked with it, and I kept it in my sports bag to use before and after practice in middle and high school.

H: We both learnt the importance of having a good skin care routine pretty early. Our family is very active, especially during the summer months, when we spend hours in the sun hiking, biking, running, swimming and playing tennis. The first skin care product I can remember using is SPF face lotion! No matter how much Peyton and I hated the stinging feeling when sunscreen mixed with sweat got into our eyes, we hated having a burnt nose and a disappointed mom even more.

As sisters, do you share similar skin concerns?

H: Peyton and I share some of the same skin concerns since we are at similar stages in our lives. We both have the odd stress-related and hormonal breakout, as well as emerging lines. However, we have completely different complexions. I have fair skin with lots of freckles and moles, whereas Peyton has an olive complexion that is very even in tone and texture. I think I rely more on Peyton for tips and skin care routine ideas than she does on me!

Hadley and I are less than two years apart so we’re at pretty similar stages of skin maturity. That said, we have totally different skin types and live in different environments, which impacts the products that we each choose to use.

What does your daily skin care routine look like for each of you?

I like to keep my daily skin care routine simple and effective. In the mornings, I use Melt Away cleanser followed by Pure Tone. If I have any blemishes, I use So Totally Clean instead of Pure Tone to gently exfoliate my skin and banish future breakouts. I apply Hydrate State if I’m staying indoors for the day, and Picture Perfect Day if I’m going to be outdoors. It’s got SPF as well as vitamin C – it’s one of my favorite products.

In the evenings, I cleanse again with Melt Away, then three times a week I use a scrub. My favorite is Three Times Sublime. I use the same toner as I did in the morning and our nightly serum In the Deep, followed by Hydrate State.

I’ve recently added several of our Vitamin range products into my daily skin care routine, so for me, it’s So Totally Clean every morning followed by Picture Perfect Day or Daily Shield. I pop Steppin’ It Up under my eyes to brighten up and hydrate the skin. If I’m applying make-up, I use Hold Tight as my primer.

I switch between Melt Away and One Deep Attraction as my nighttime cleansers, and I use One Smooth Operator or Three Times Sublime if my skin feels dull and needs to be exfoliated. A couple times a week, I love to indulge in a mask like Bright Side or Pores Be Pure while I take a bath. Before bed, I always put on Hydrate State and Steppin’ It Up.

Where do you live and what does a typical day out and about look like for you? How do you factor in a consistent skin care routine?

H: I’m based in California. My day usually starts with some kind of morning activity, whether it’s a run or a bike ride. I love to get outside first thing when it’s still quiet so I can enjoy some ‘me’ time because I know the rest of the day will be focused on work and other people.

Good skin care routine to me is a non-negotiable, like brushing my teeth. Some days it can feel like a chore, but I just remind myself of how good my skin feels when I cleanse and moisturize it to keep myself committed.

P: I live in Colorado, so I’m surrounded by people who love to do active things and get outdoors. Exercise is a big part of my life and I make time for it daily – whether it’s going for a run, hike, a pilates session or a workout at my local gym. To keep my skin clean before and after a workout, I always have Keep Me Clean wipes in my car. I use them on my face, chest and back.

Can you each tell me what you love most about working with skin care products? Is it fun running the family business together as sisters?

P: I love working with skin care products because there’s a place for skin care in everybody’s life. It’s a great social unifier. I also love it because it helps me tune in and be present. The only moment of calm in my day sometimes is when I’m looking in the mirror while putting on moisturizer. If this is the only ‘me time’ I get, then I want it to involve products I love and trust!

H: I love working with Peyton because there is already a deep level of honesty between us as sisters. We are totally transparent with one another, which I think helps during product development and execution. We are comfortable asking each other hard questions and giving honest feedback. We test all of our products and hold them to an incredibly high standard because that’s what our family has always done.

My favorite thing about working with skin care products is hearing how our products fit into people’s lives and self care journeys, and learning about the positive impact that our products have on peoples’ confidence.

The two of us respond to all of our Instagram and Facebook comments and messages directly, and when we hear how our products have helped people’s skin, it’s so rewarding.

It’s super fun to work together, especially because we get to see the whole process behind creating a product – from solidifying our team’s ideas to testing the chemist’s initial formulations. We personally test all our products and go through as many rounds of revisions as necessary to confidently share products that are both effective and affordable.

What do you think sets Formula 10.0.6 apart from other brands?

H: The value we bring with our products. We believe that everybody should be able to access products that are fun, effective and affordable. Peyton and I both love learning and growing alongside our customers, and we’re always engaging with our followers to make sure we are creating products that people actually want.

We want to make skin care feel like a joyous act of self love, rather than a menial task that takes up too much time!

P: Whenever I share Formula 10.0.6 with someone new, the most consistent response is “wow, it’s totally affordable”. The second is, “my skin actually feels clean”. These two comments, along with us still being family-owned and operated, make us different from other companies. We want our products to be accessible, affordable and deliver the same benefits as higher-end products – and that’s exactly what they do. Our great grandpa set out to create products that did what they said they would and didn’t burn a hole in your wallet, and that’s what we’re still setting out to do 87 years later. 

What are your absolute favourite Formula 10.0.6 products? If you found out you could only use three for a week, which ones would they be?

H: I can’t live without So Totally Clean. It’s my go-to for anything and everything. My other daily favorites are Melt Away and Hydrate State.

P: Every product is my favorite! I change my routine based on how my skin feels and what season it is, so my skin doesn’t go too far one way or the other (oily or dry!). My three ride-or-die would be One Deep Attraction, Hydrate State and Steppin’ It Up.

Lastly, what skincare habits would you recommend to absolutely anyone – no matter what age they are?

H: Keep an open mind and stay flexible. Our skin changes so much on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and it’s easy to feel like the changes are out of our control. If we’re able to keep an open mind and stay curious about why the changes are happening, we can feel more capable of taking proper care. Simple changes like switching up 1-2 products at a time or changing which products you use together can make a major difference in not only how your skin looks, but how you feel about it.

P: My top tip is to keep it simple. Start with finding a cleanser that you love and will enjoy using. Take note of how it feels on your skin and how your skin feels after washing it off. From this, you’ll be able to tell whether you need a light, everyday moisturizer or something more hydrating. For me, building my skin care routine one step at a time is the easiest way to make it part of my day.


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