We know life is full of change. Your skin is no exception.

Changes from season to season are a given, but did you know that your skin goes through subtle changes over the course of the day? Your skin can change by the hour. Cool right?!

Daily, even hourly, changes to your complexion are normal and actually very healthy!

This is due to your skin reacting and adjusting to different environments you encounter. In any given day you may go from a hot shower to an air-conditioned car, a sunny walk in the park to a hot gym or an air-conditioned room to a stuffy bus. With all these changes in temperature, humidity, sunlight, and environments, your skin needs to adjust. Luckily it does so on its own without any interventions by us.

While your skin has mechanisms that enable adaptation, there are ways you can further support and improve this process. Paying attention to subtle and more obvious changes in your skin is a good first step. We like to call this skin mindfulness. It helps you become aware of what’s happening on the surface so you can find the right products for you!

Your skin also changes while you sleep. You may notice that you go to sleep with more oily and plump skin. In the morning, your body is naturally more depleted so you may wake up with dry, dehydrated skin. While these shifts show good skin health, the random breakout is not a fun reminder.

We love to see change, but it can also cause headaches.

Especially when shopping for products to fit your needs and budget. Whether you’re a skincare junkie or a total novice, keeping your skincare routine simple can create lasting results. Going back to basics may uncover how and why suddenly breakouts pop up!

To help you care for your changing skin, our team created The Change Maker.

This miracle worker helps most skin concerns and can be used on a variety of skin types. We kept it simple with ingredients focusing on effective, functional botanicals. We also want a multi-functional product so you can use it whether you have 2 minutes or 20 minutes. Not to mention it’s super affordable so you never have to sacrifice good skin.

Here’s why we created The Change Maker, our 3-in-1 multi-tasking mask, polish and wash:

• The Change Maker is multi-functional. You get to decide when and where you want to use it whether that’s as a scrub in the shower or a mask at the end of the long day. You’re in control!
• The unique color changing formula takes all the guesswork out. As you scrub it in or rub away the mask, the product changes from white to pink. This let’s you know that it’s really working!
• We used Glacial Clay to absorb excess oil without stripping skin of essential nutrients and hydration. It’s perfect at the end of the day when your skin feels shiny but you don’t want to be dehydrated before going to sleep.
• We added Aloe to help soothe and smooth your skin. Aloe also balances and tones skin for a more even complexion throughout the day.
• We added in natural exfoliants to gently polish away dead skin and any built up grime, dirt and oils. This is the secret to serious glow power and saying so long to breakouts.

The good news is with a simple, effective skincare routine you can have everything you need to keep up with your changing skin!

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